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The Avengers clothing line and other Marvel merchandise is gaining popularity due in part to the upcoming release of Avengers Infinity War movie. The next Marvel installment will feature a huge array of characters such as Iron Man, Thor, and 
Doctor Strange. The extraordinary crossover cast will include the likes of Spiderman, Star Lord, and our ol' pal Groot. Not to mention another brief Stan Lee cameo. Key characters of the Black Panther will also be in this film. The recent success of the blockbuster surely won't hurt tickets sales for the May 4th release of the new Marvel picture. So what does all this mean for consumers? Cool merchandise, and lots of it. Fandom tees, Hulk tank tops, hero baseball shirts, Black Panther mugs, and keychains of various kinds. Here at http://www/scifigeekstore.com we're make a stronger effort to find cool, unique stuff for both grown-ups and children.

For parents that grew up in the hero/scifi genre, this is an awesome time to be alive. We able to see some of the heroes we grew up watching in modern movies with great special effects. Remember Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, and the old Spiderman TV shows? Seeing those characters brought to the screen using today's technology is awesome. Its also pretty great we're able to watch these hero movies with our kiddos... and enjoy them. Deadpool may be exception of course. It was entertaining, but full of profanity etc. Not one to watch with a 10 year old. However, MCU and other production companies have done a great job overall of making movies that are for the most part family friendly. 

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