Piers Morgan As The New Dr Who

Posted by Ronald Mais on

Sounds weird doesn't it? Nevertheless, Morgan has confirmed he has thrown his "hat into the ring" and is in the running to becoming the next Dr.Who. Its no secret Piers Morgan has been the center of controversy over the years. He also appears to be somewhat for lack of a better term "snobby".  Each Dr. has been charming in their own way. Matt Smith and David Tennant gave the Doctor a lovable, comedic, caring persona. Peter Capaldi started off as a somewhat grumpy old man, critical of humans, but eventually even he became lovable, or at least likable. So what will Mr. Morgan bring to the table? That is very hard to say at this point. Truthfully, we here at http://scifigeekstore.com would rather see the part go to an unknown than to Piers, but may the best man or woman win.


(Photo: ITV)


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